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What is a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Appeal?

You have sent a Notice of Appeal to the General Dental Council (GDC) after being informed that your name will be removed from our register because the GDC is not satisfied that you have met the most recent CPD cycle requirement.

What is a CPD appeal?

A CPD appeal is a formal tribunal hearing to consider the appeal you have recently made against the decision to erase you from our register. The process the appeal will follow is governed by the law in this area1. Within this process you will be known as an appellant. The GDC will be legally represented and will present evidence on why they are not satisfied you have met the CPD requirements. The GDC is known as the respondent.

Who will hear my appeal?

Your appeal will be decided by a Registration Appeals Committee. Members of the Registration Appeals Committee are independent of the GDC and have knowledge about the registration of dentists and dental care professionals.

What powers does a Registration Appeal Committee have?

The Registration Appeals Committee can:

  • Dismiss the appeal;
  • Allow the appeal and quash the decision of the Registrar
  • Substitute for the decision appealed against any other decision which could have been made by the Registrar; or
  • Remit the case to the Registrar to dispose of in accordance with the directions of the Registration Appeals Committee

What happens if I decide not to go through with my appeal?

You can withdraw your appeal at any stage and make a subsequent application to come back on the register (known as restoration). If you withdraw your appeal, the Registrar’s decision to remove you from the register will take effect immediately.

To withdraw your appeal you must notify the Hearings department in writing to the following email address:

1 The General Dental Council (Registration Appeals) Rules Order of Council 2006