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Welcome to the Dental Professionals Hearings Service. We hold independent hearings for cases brought to us by the General Dental Council (GDC) about dental professionals’ fitness to practise and registration.

On this website you can find listings of upcoming hearings, including appeal hearings, a bank of past decisions, guidance and resources, and information for all who are required or wishing to attend a hearing. You can also find information about our independent Committees made up of dental professionals and lay people who adjudicate on the cases brought to us.

Recent decisions

Type of hearing
11.07.24KWIATKOWSKA, Diana WeronikaTo be confirmedInterim Orders Committee
10.07.24KAUR, TejbeerTo be confirmedInterim Orders Committee
09.07.24CONAGHAN, Amy KatySuspended indefinitelyProfessional Conduct Committee
08.07.24RATA-COSTACHE, Ioana-RoxanaAppeal GrantedRegistration Appeal (CPD)
08.07.24SYED, Sidra HamidErased and Immediate suspensionProfessional Conduct Committee
08.07.24DE SOUZA, Gleicieli GoncalvesAppeal DismissedRegistration Appeal (Initial)
08.07.24MCNALLY, DamianConditions extended (with a review)Professional Conduct Committee
04.07.24SITOS, ChristosTo be confirmedInterim Orders Committee
04.07.24ONCERIU, Meliana DoinaSuspended indefinitelyProfessional Conduct Committee
03.07.24JAN, EbrahimConditions continuedInterim Orders Committee
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Upcoming hearings

Type of hearing
16.07.24STOKES, Timothy DavidInterim Orders Committee
15.07.24MEW, Michael GordonProfessional Conduct Committee
15.07.24SHAH, Kunal HareshProfessional Conduct Committee
15.07.24GEORGE, JoseInterim Orders Committee
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