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Attending a hearing

General information on attending a hearing and specific information for dental professionals, their representatives, witnesses, and the public.

General information relevant for all attendees

If you are a dental professional, a witness or a member of the public wishing to attend a hearing (including journalists), you can find dedicated information for yourselves further down the page.

In-person hearings are held at 37 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8DQ. We also hold many hearings remotely via an online platform.

All hearings are held in public, unless there are good reasons for part or all of a hearing to be held in private.

Members of the public, including journalists, can attend any hearing that is held in public. This includes remote hearings. Requests to attend an upcoming hearing can be made on this website. Limits to the number of attendees may apply.

You can find directions to our building and information about nearby train stations and bus stops on our Contact Us page.

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