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Dental Professionals and their representatives


Hearing outcomes and appeals for dental professionals

Notification of the hearing outcome

You will be notified in writing of the outcome of your hearing.

Appeals against the committee’s decision

If the committee makes a decision that restricts your right to practise, you can appeal against the decision if you think it was wrong or the sanction was unfair.

You have 28 days from the date on the outcome letter to appeal.

The GDC is regulated by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA). They review all final outcomes made by committees. If they believe that a committee’s sanction is insufficient to protect the public, they may appeal against the decision. You can find out more about the remit of, and rules underpinning the PSA’s right to appeal. Page 2 of this guidance sheet sets out the PSA’s timescale for appealing. It depends on the committee’s outcome.

Applying to rejoin the GDC register

If your sanction is erasure, you can apply to GDC to rejoin the register after a period of no less than five years.

If you apply to rejoin the register, the GDC will ask us to schedule a hearing before the Professional Conduct Committee who will consider your application.