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Request to attend a hearing

If you would like to attend a public hearing (either held in-person or held online), please submit a request by completing the form below.

Please also note the following statement on attending a hearing:

Any prospective attendee must be aware that they cannot make a recording of the hearing itself (audio or visual, deliberate or otherwise) and will be asked to make this agreement on acceptance of terms and conditions prior to gaining access to the hearing itself. For in-person hearings we may ask you to show identification when you sign in at our Hearings Reception so that we can manage the safety and integrity of proceedings. We will try to accommodate all requests for observers. If the number of observers means that the hearing progress is hampered, we would need to review attendance. By agreeing to this statement, an attendee accepts that a breach of the agreement not to record would be a breach of contract, and we could consider taking legal action for damages. If the individual was also a GDC registrant, this could be a matter considered as information relating to Fitness to Practise. The Committee may consider it appropriate to hear entire hearings, or certain aspects or hearings, in private. In these instances, members of the public will not be admitted.

By clicking the submit button below, you are agreeing not to record our hearings and understand that you may face legal action if you do so.